“Out of frame” by Johann Naldi and Rodolphe Trouilleux

“Out of frame” by Johann Naldi and Rodolphe Trouilleux

“In the course of Johann Naldi s’ encounters and research, finds and discoveries multiply. Incredible masterpieces reappeared, thought to be lost forever, and have been included in this book for the very first time.
A large bather by Courbet; a sketchbook by Delacroix; a majestic horse painted by Géricault; landscapes by Constable, by Manet… Until these seventeen insanely ironic works of Incoherent Art. Works that had been lost for 140 years, and have just been declared a National Treasure by the Ministry of Culture.
A beautiful and unique book, which takes you on a real treasure hunt through flea markets, cellars and attics. Keep your eyes peeled ! ”

Specialized in the XIXth century art, Johann Naldi has discovered, among others, several unpublished works by Géricault, Delacroix, Delaroche, Courbet, Constable.

Rodolphe Trouilleux is a French historian of Paris and writer.

Released in bookstores on April 5, 2023
Herscher Publishing House
256 pages – 29 €

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