New catalogue n°126, Grosvenor Prints

New catalogue n°126, Grosvenor Prints

Grosvenor Prints uploaded Catalogue 126 to its website!

Highlights include:


M.r James Gillray. From a miniature painted by himself & Engraved by Cha.s Turner.London, Published april 19 1819 by G.Humphrey, 27 S.t James’s Street.Mezzotint, plate: 300 x 395mm (12 x 15½”), with very large margins, on 19th century watermarked paper. Oval head and shoulders portrait of caricaturist and printmaker James Gillray (1757-1815). State with title in thick and thin letters, and all inscriptions engraved within border of horizontal and vertical lines surrounding image. Whitman 1907: 224.II. [Ref: 60043] £380.00

Venus. Elias Martin pinx.t J. Fried.k Martin Aculp.tPublish’d as the Act directs 1778. N.o 8 Leicester Street Leicester Square.Very fine stipple printed in colours, Collector’s mark verso; plate 180 x 215mm (7 x 8½”), with large margins. Mint. Very decorative image showing Venus seated in her chariot on clouds, surrounded by cupids and with two doves at her feet. By Elias Martin, A.R.A. Swedish, born Stockholm in 1739, died Stockholm 1818. He came to London in 1768, becoming a Royal Academy student the next year and was elected A.R.A in 1770. Ex: Oettingen-Wallerstein collection. Sotheby’s London / Milan Nov 1997. [Ref: 60282] £680.00

[Henry Dundas, Viscount Melville] The Wounded Lion. ”and now, all the sculking nerd of the forest, some out of Insolence, others in Revenge, some, in fine, upon one Pretence / ”some upon another, fell upon him by Consent. – but nothing went so near the Heart of him in his Distress, as to / ”find himself batter’d by the Heel of an Ass.” – Vide Aesop’s Fables.[James Gillray.]Pub.d July 16th 1805. by H. Humphrey. 27 St James’s Street.Coloured etching. 260 x 380mm (10¼ x 15″), with large margins, watermarked ‘J Ruse 1802’. Nicks in edges of margins. A satire in defence of Melville as First Lord of the Admiralty, depicting him as a lion wounded by grapeshot fired by John Jervis, 1st Earl of St Vincent. As he lies bleeding he is attacked by various animals, including a fox, rats with lawyers’ wigs (Jekyll, Erskine, and Adair) and a snake (Grey). The grapeshot has also struck Britannia, who slumps against a tree. Dundas became First Lord in 1804 despite an inquiry regarding financial misconduct from his term as Treasurer of the Admiralty (1782-1800) was still ongoing. Gillray’s point is that Britain’s interests during time of war were being damaged for political ends. BM Satires 10421. [Ref: 60357] £950.00

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