Le Jeune Homme au bras fantôme by Hélène Bonafous-Murat

In her sixth novel, Le Jeune Homme au bras fantôme/the young man with the phantom arm (Le Passage publishing house, august 2021) Hélène Bonafous-Murat explores the changing face of 19th century Paris.

The plot is rooted in the Transnonain Street Massacre (1834),  which was the subject of a famous lithograph by Daumier. It depicts the business and classified ads world that abounds on the back of the plates published in Le Charivari.
Charles Hû, the hero in this novel unfolds against a backdrop of his own story, a young man who survived the massacre that left him with an arm missing at the age of six.
A novel of learning and resilience, Le Jeune Homme au bras fantôme/The Young Man with the phantom arm is filled with positive energy and takes the reader into a complex society, full of diverse currents, where nothing is manichean and where everyone is looking for their place and their ideal.

290 pages / ISBN 2847424679 / broché 19 €

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