Latest december catalog, the Martinez D. Gallery

The Martinez gallery is pleased to invite you to discover its  N°XXVII latest catalog :

Giuseppe Niccolo VICENTINO
Was born at Vicenza c.1510, and worked at Bologna about 1540.
Le Christ guérissant les lépreux /Christ Healing The Lepers. circa.1540.
Colour woodcutting- chiaroscuro- from Girolamo Francesco Mazzola, known as Parmigianino (Parme 1503 † Casalmaggiore 1540), printed in two shades of brown and black.
References: Bartsch, Volume XII, no. 15, Engraving in clear-obscure, Séverine Lepape, Le Louvre publishing, 2019, no. 22.

Beautiful proof of the Second of two recorded states, published by Andrea Andreani in 1608 (Monogram of the publisher “AA in Mantova 1608 on the bottom right of the composition”), on watermarked  paper (Heart).

Beautiful edition
(N°6 visual cat XXVII)

Georges BRAQUE
Argenteuil 1882 † Paris 1963
Théière et pommes. 1946.
Original Lithograph, printed in colours

state of preservation : paper slightly yellowed
References : Dora Vallier, n°33. Mourlot, n°6.
Printed by Mourlot and published by Maeght.
Beautiful print on vellum paper, numbered 59/75 and signed in pencil by the artist. All margins.
(visuel N°19 cat XXVII)


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