Grosvenor prints, new catalogue n°129

Grosvenor prints, new catalogue n°129

Grosvenor Prints is pleased to present our Summer Solstice Listing: Catalogue 129!

Highlights include:


A Tigress. In the Possession of the Duke of Marlborough; to whom this place is most humbly dedicated, by his Graces most dutiful & obedient Serv,t John Dixon.
G. Stubbs Pinxt. J. Dixon fecit. J. Dixon fecit.
[Publish’d according to Act of Parliament, 1st Feb.y 1773. & sold by J. Boydell Cheapside, S. Hooper Ludgate Hill, T. Bradford Fleet Street, T. Burford Bridge Street Westminster, & J. Dixon Kempe’s Row, facing Ranelagh Walk (near the Whim) Chelsea.
Mezzotint. Sheet 390 x 550mm (15¼ x 21¾”). Trimmed to image on three sides, through publication line at bottom, a few marks & repairs, laid on archival tissue.
An example of Dixon’s rare mezzotint rendering of the Stubbs painting of a recumbent tigress, probably the Royal Tiger in Stubbs’s possession when he died. It is described in Lennox-Boyd as ‘the most highly praised print after Stubbs in its day’. Impressions are rare because, according to the ‘Monthly Magazine’ (1806), the plate was melted in a fire at the printers. New plates were engraved by Robert Laurie and John Murphy.
Lennox-Boyd et al, George Stubbs Engraved Works 33, iv of iv.
[Ref: 60808] £3,500.00


[Pair of pencil sketches of a poodle acrobat, acorns and other emblems]
[n.d., c.1830’s]
Pair of pencil sketches on card with embossed borders. Sheets 110 x 155mm (4¼ x 6″) & 90 x 130mm (7½ x 5¼”). Mounted together on album paper. Unique.
Two scenes of the same poodle, with shaved rear half, jumping through a hoop and carrying a cane.
[Ref: 60842] £260.00 (£312.00 incl.VAT)

A French Petit Maitre and His Valet. Le Petit Gascon Partant pour la Comedie.
[after Charles Brandoin.]
[n.d., c. 1755.]
Very rare etching. 365 x 260mm (14¼ x 10¼”), with large margins. Stitch holes in left edge. Slightly time-stained.
A scene on Rue d’Enfer, a Parisian street, with a foppish Frenchman wearing a coat decorated with hearts, a large nosegay on his shoulder and ribbons on his sword. His valet, who has a comb in his curl-papers, holds out a paper inscribed ”Au petit Marquis”. A close copy of a plate by Charles Grignion, published by Robert Sayer and John Smith in 1771, with the French title added.
See BM Satires 4933 for the original.
[Ref: 60765] £360.00

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