Documents Gallery

Documents Gallery

Visionary artist, Cassandre (1901-1968), was one of the great illustrators of the Art Deco style
As specified by Cassandre, a poster must contain the solution of three issues :
1. optics, 2. graphic depiction, 3. poetic. “

Passionate about advertising language, perfectionist, integrating quickly his style into the street and imposing it as advertising style of the time (see The Art Deco Poster, Alain Weill, ed. Hazan, p. 11 and p.135)

Alain Weill is an art critic, collector and essayist, expert in graphic arts and advertising creation. He was the first artistic director of the International Poster Festival of Chaumont (1990-2001) and director of the Museum of Advertising (1971-1983).
He published several references books in this field:

L’Encyclopédie de l’affiche (Hazan, 2011), L’Affiche Art déco (Hazan, 2013), L’Affiche au temps de l’Art Nouveau (Hazan, 2015).
-> see “The collection of Alain Weill,  passing the word to graphics”, lecture of April 3, 2015, Center Pompidou
During Alain Weill’s presentation of his book- Cassandre – a selection of posters and advertising documents by this artist will be displayed at the Documents’ Gallery.

Cassandre by Alain Weill,  published by Hazan Publishing House.

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