Christian Collin Gallery, Emile Sulpis introduction

Christian Collin Gallery, Emile Sulpis introduction

Interpretation engraver by trade, Emile Sulpis gave also a more intimate production.
Through his prints and drawings, certainly intended for his loved ones or his own, he experimented with several techniques: drypoint engraving, aquatint, soft varnish, pastel, pencil, charcoal, watercolour, etc. Most of his works represent a unique model; a young woman with black hair, who may have been his companion. From the Belle époque to the roaring twenties, from long hair to tomboy haircuts, we particularly follow him through his journeys in France, Normandy and Corsica.
Currently / Emile Sulpis (1856-1943)
Drawings and intimist engravings

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Emile Sulpis, portrait de femme au bandana, pointe-sèche, vernis mou et aquatinte

Emile Sulpis, portrait, gouache et crayon

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