Wonderful colors publication

Wonderful colors publication

After Wonderful Nature published in 2017, Michaël Cailloux (etching artist / illustration) and Nathalie Béreau (writings) renew their collaboration with Thierry Magnier’ publishing house  for a second book!

These Wonderful Colors…..
In this album, each double page becomes an opportunity to explore a color in its all nuances through the main characteristics of elements, from the most knowns (the lion, the banana, the sunflower for yellow) to the wackiest (the mask of the sun king or the golden ball turnip).

Each of the nine colors causes real miniature wallpapers in which the reader is invited to get lost…. and to find with riddles the intruder who is hidden there.
A colorful album between artist’s book and an original game of the Hunt and Seek (A “Where’s Waldo” type book) !

30,5 X 30,5 cm / 28 PAGES & 9 FLAPS / 20,50 € / 5 YEARS OLD but without age limit …  Paris Match and Télérama selection.


wheel or fan, my blue plumage makes me majestic. Who am I?

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