Sidewalk by Lisette Model, the baudoin lebon gallery

Sidewalk by Lisette Model, the baudoin lebon gallery

Exhibition from september 8, to  october 2, 2021


baudoin lebon presents “sidewalk” by Lisette Model, an influential figure in mid-twentieth century photography». She stated that photography is “the art of the moment”. Motto that will guide her vision throughout her career.

From the 1930s onwards, she distinguished herself by her uncompromising portraits: women and men, acquaintances and strangers, the wealthy and the neglected, isolated or in the crowd.

Her frontal photography paints edifyingly realistic portraits of the whole of society.
In the late 1930s, Lisette Model moved to New York and began to photograph the city. Through contact with the city, Model’s photography was transformed. Without abandoning her portrait work, she seeks more graphic, more visual effects to evoke the urban frenzy and the turmoil it brings.

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