Program of the “La Semaine des galeries parisiennes de l’estampe et du dessin”


The Bouquinerie de l’Institut displays Marc Chagall’s “Twelve Stained Glass Windows for Jerusalem” series, proofs with dedication and sometimes original sketches.

The Christian Collin Gallery presents its novelties of European prints from the 17th to the 20th centuries.

The Lise Cormery Gallery works by Mario AVATI, Italy, (1921-2009), mezzo-tinto, Katsunori HAMANISHI, Japan, (1949),  mezzo-tinto, CIUHA Joze, Slovenia, 1924-2015, engravings by FALLANI Pere, Venezia, Italy, silkscreen prints in velvet, gold and silver leaf.

The Documents gallery  exposes the epic Slave of Alfonse Mucha (1928) and beautiful Art Nouveau posters. Many other printed materials are also available on-site: original posters, fashion illustrations, theatre programs, illustrated scores, old book covers and labels, decorative plates etc.

For the third time, the Documents 15 Gallery has simultaneously presented the work of Elena Prentice and Gustave de Staël, when they intertwinerespond and invite us to travel. After “Ici et ailleurs” (Here and Elsewhere) in 2014 and “Le proche et le lointain “(Near and Far) in 2016, here is “Somewhere”… The joint exhibition of paintings (Sumi-e and watercolour on Moroccan paper) by Elena Prentice, American artist, and drawings by Gustave de Staël, French artist, invites us to share this artist couple’s perspective with complementary looks despite having quite different techniques.
Exhibition October 18 – Nov 10, 2018 / Publication of a catalog

The Grillon  Gallery exhibits drawings from November 8 to 17
Artists : Joseph Antoine d’Ornano / Véronique Terrieux / Ekaterina Posetselskaya / Planas de Font / Pascale Vine

The Maeght  Gallery celebrates Eduardo Chillida’s engraved work. With a selection of more than forty original works signed and numbered (lithographs, etchings, dry points, etc.), the gallery highlights this less known aspect of the Basque artist’s work.

The Martinez D. et Bonafous-Murat  Galleries present a joint exhibition: a romantic engravings hanging with among others a lithograph of Ingres, «l’Odalisque» and a Venus of Chassériau.
A set of engravings of Bracquemont, aquafortist, Belle-Epoque, Matisse’ stencils, a set of Dali – Mythology.
And an equestrian portrait of Louis XIV as a crossroad of History !

The Martinez Fleurot Gallery presents engravings by contemporary artist Bich.
« Bich is my Vietnamese name. At the age of eight, I had to adopt a middle name to enroll in French schools. I chose: Rosalie. My name is Bich, Rosalie Nguyen. My approach to art has been nourished by my studies at the Ecole Estienne and at the Beaux-Arts de Paris.
“Engraving is a demanding profession. I learned it in the Moret workshops, which are a reference in this field”.
My engraving projects are resulting from emotional shock.
The research work, formatting and space to be created is long, intense and difficult.
Here comes the time of production and multiple corrections, when you finally decide and admit that engraving is complete.
My engravings are meant to be a balm for wounded souls.
They are addressed to lovers of furrows still marking out their way. »

the Paul Prouté Gallery prepares an exhibition dedicated to engravers Seymour HADEN & James WHISTLER and on this occasion, will present about twenty engravings of these two artists.

The Sagot-Le Garrec Gallery presents some views of Paris.

The Xavier Seydoux  Gallery presents a collection of engraved portraits, in particular the “Great Portraits of Ceremonials at the Beginning of the 17th Century”

The Slow Gallery exhibits until December 1 st, « Nature animale » with Evelyne Mary and Jeanne Picq : about thirty linocuttings and etchings.

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DP CSEDT Semaine parisienne 9 – 14 novembre 2018


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