Grosvenor Prints, catalogue n°102

Grosvenor Prints, catalogue n°102

We have pleasure in issuing Catalogue 102. An exciting collection of over 200 items including portraits, topography, ephemera and decorative items including some Richard Gaywood’s.

Catalogue 102

To the British Navy, This Print representing The Battle of Navarino, is respectfully dedicated by the Publisher. [Ref: 54273]

William Penn’s Treaty with the Indians, when he founded the Province of Pensylvania in North America 1681. To the Proprietaries of the Province of Pensylvania, &c. &c. This Print, Engraved from the Original Painting belonging to the late Thomas Penn Esquire, Is respectfully Inscribed by Their obedient humble Servant John Boydell. [Ref: 54272]

Catalogue 102 Cover image: [Bear hunt] Ense Urbum invadit rabidum cataphractus: et Ursus / Ungibus arripens hominem conatutur hamatis / Sternere… 26 & XIIII [Ref: 54130]

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