Galerie Maeght, Fiedler exhibition

From March 8 to April 13, 2019, the Maeght Gallery invites you to discover a set of works by artist François Fiedler.
A selection of 22 works on canvas made between 1967 and 1997, bearing out the artist’s perpetual research on Matter, in space and in time. François Fiedler keeps seeking the rhythms all around us. At the centre of the four elements, he explores the ultimate limits of Nature. From molecular observation boundaries and through Organic Work, François Fiedler proposes an explanation of the origin and fate of the universe. Fiedler gives us a perception of the universe close to the sensitive world music that often accompanies his studio work. His search for harmony and unity turned the Music of the Spheres, the original vibration, into pictorial signs.
His works were subjected to the vagaries of the weather, and sometimes to adverse weather. Giving the word to Mother Nature, they were sometimes frozen by the snow, crushed by the heat of the sun or dripped in the rain. The work value lies in what it represents but also by what it has gone through, a dialogue between artist and nature. This practice was also part of his research into the work with material and in its power of expression. A disarming, fascinating depth softens with a stroke or a curve. The softness of balance and terrifying chaos.
Fiedler encourages you to follow his own path and to add your own sensations and perceptions, simply asking about feelings.

“The vision? But it is never before the painting; it is the work that created it… and, of course, the look.” François Fiedler


François Fiedler – Corrélative, 1974, oil on canvas, 195 x 130 cm © Maeght Gallery

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