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The Christian Collin Gallery is pleased to present its latest acquisitions of Japanese prints.

It offers a wide range of subjects – genre scenes, landscapes and portraits – engraved by artists from the Edo period to the modern era: Shoûn Yamamoto, Hiroshige Ando, Takeji Asano, Shotei Takahashi, Hasui Kawase, Yoshimune Arai, Yoshida Hiroshi and Toshi…

These new features are presented in his store as well as on his website  in the “latest acquisitions” section.

Yoshida Hiroshi (1876 – 1950), Shizhongshan (Sekishôzan), wood engraving, 1940


Shoûn Yamamoto (1870-1965), Misuji, from the series Ima Sugata, wood engraving, 1907

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