To discover : Le Vieux Papier magazine n°440

To discover : Le Vieux Papier magazine n°440

Le Vieux Papier turned 120 years old in 2020.

If the event went unnoticed for reasons we know, the magazine continued to appear without fail, with articles always original and interesting.

After the disappearance of the Nouvelles de l’Estampe, Le Vieux Papier became the only French-speaking magazine dealing with engravings and other more or less popular prints, with wide-ranging topics.

Thus, the last issue, from April 2021 onwards (n° 440) offers :

– A journey among the adventures of Arsène Lupin’s most beautiful covers By Léo Fontan. (Patrice Bénard, « Léo Fontan au miroir d’Arsène Lupin »),
– The beginning of a popular game saga, printed on paper (Adrian Seville, « Le jeu de la Chouette/ the owl game »).
– A monogram album gathered by a mysterious 19th century collector (Jean-Marie Lhôte, « Une collection de monogrammes »),
– An unexpected biography of the Parisian print publisher Daumont (Thierry Depaulis, « Investigation of Daumont, print publisher in Paris in the 18th century”),
– A nostalgic evocation of the old book market in Strasbourg in the 19th century  (Dominique Lerch and Jean Vogt (†),
– « The secondary market for books and pictures in Strasbourg around 1830, around 1854 »)
– A confrontation between a physical game and its paper version (François Richard, « Les jeux des barres : du sport au salon ! »),
– …. Not to mention a substantial report on ephemera collections in Spain  (by Jean-François Botrel).


 « Le Vieux Papier » compagny publication : Key insights in everyday life through documents and iconography – Founded in 1900.

The annual subscription is 55 € for France and Europe. It entitles you to get the magazine and to participate to Le Vieux Papier association activities .

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