“Magnificence” by Rebecca Rübcke, The Martinez D. gallery

“Magnificence” by Rebecca Rübcke, The Martinez D. gallery

“Magnificence” –  Photographs by Rebecca Rübcke from October 22, to November 20, 2021
Opening on Thursday, October 21, 2021 at the Martinez Gallery, at 15 rue de l’échaudé (Paris 6th district). 

The Martinez gallery is pleased to present Rebecca Rübcke’s first exhibition. A self-taught photographer, Rebecca has been developing a sober and uncluttered aesthetic over the years.

Here, the human figure never appears : still lifes, lush landscapes and urban cemeteries form the main subject of this exhibition,
fruit of her wanderings and solitary strolls. Rebecca Rübcke tracks down the strangeness of familiar things and brings out unsuspected beauties from insignificant elements : sensuality of a plant, velvet of a burnt to ashes surface. True invitations to travel, her pictures, where the near and the far, the minute and the monumental are mixed, reveal unusual and secret worlds.


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