Lise Cormery Gallery

On the occasion of the Semaine des galeries parisiennes de l’estampe et du dessin, the gallery has made a selection of engravings by the artists :

Mario AVATI, Italie, (1921-2009) Mezzo-tinto
Katsunori HAMANISHI, Japan, (1949) Mezzo-tinto

AESCHBACHER, Switzerland, 1923
AKAGI Kojiro, Japan, 1934
CABOT Roland, Uruguay France, 1929
CAHN Marcelle, France (1895-1981)
CIUHA Joze, Slovenia, 1924-2015, engravings by FALLANI father, Venezia, Italy, silkscreen prints in velvet, gold and silver leaf.

BEN, Switzerland, France, 1935
CESAR, France, 1921-1998
DI SCIULLO Bernard, Italy France, 1930-2017
ESMEIN Jeanne, France, Engraved book
FROHNER Adolf, Austria, 1934-2007
Gorodine Alexis, France, 1954
LI JAE YONG, South Korea
LODGE Jean, USA, 1941
Moon Shin, South Korea (1923-1995)
SALAMON Joseph, Denmark
VEYSSET Raymond, 1913-1967, France
René Georges HERMANN PAUL, France, 1864-1949
VALLOTTON Félix, Switzerland, 1865-1925

CIUHA, serigraph ICONE OR BLEU, fallani father
Mario AVATI, (1921-2009) Italy, Le vif éclat du rouge cerise /The glow of bright cherry red – Mezzotint 1988
28, 50 x 37 cm

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