Figuration Libre exhibition, The l’Estampe gallery

From september 18, 2021 to october 9, 2021, the l’Estampe gallery displays Free Figuration painters.
Born in the 80’s, this movement expresses itself through a free, simplified drawing, inspired by comics and the punk scene.

Artists such as Robert Combas, Hervé Di Rosa, François Boisrond or Rémi Blanchard remain eager to give back a place to figurative painting by freeing themselves from the conceptual austerity of artistic movements of the 70s and deliver a furiously colourful, explosive and violent painting.
The gallery is glad to present the Combas, Di Rosa, Marc Duran, André Cervera and Topolino’s works, 5 artists from Sète whose fame is already worldwide and we invite you to the exhibition opening which will take place on Friday, September 17, from 6pm.

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