Exhibition Pol Bury, Va-et-vient / Back and forth, CGII, Belgium

Exhibition Pol Bury, Va-et-vient / Back and forth, CGII, Belgium

Exhibition until March 12, 2023
POL BURY. VA-ET-VIENT/BACK AND FORTH – The exhibition in a nutshell.This exhibition brings together about 250 works mainly from the world of printmaking. It will highlight, for the first time and in such profusion, the permanency of this medium in the artist’s production.A unique opportunity to discover its ever-renewed inventiveness, mixed with a facetious taste for geometry.

The CGII is pleased, on the centenary of his birth to offer you the flagship exhibition of Bury celebration at La Louvière.This land where he was born in 1922.
The celebration will be an opportunity to discover his practice from its surrealist origins, and other abstract experiments until his most famous research and ultimate creations from this world’s great living artist.

Two floors of the CGII are entirely dedicated to this exhibition by the artist whose personnality with an outstanding creativity is put forward since he has touched on painting, sculpture, goldsmithing as well as the world of engraving.

The richly illustrated and trilingual catalog (french, english, dutch) published on the occasion of the exhibition covers the many facets of the artist and is accompanied by texts allowing you to expect another Bury.
A landmark book in the visibility through print art in his work.

Centre de la Gravure et de l’Image imprimée – Centre of Engraving and Printed Image:

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