Exhibition Michel Ciry

Exhibition Michel Ciry

2012… 2022. The Michel Ciry museum at Varengeville-sur-Mer (76) is celebrating its tenth anniversary this year. The museum wanted to honor a part of the artist’s engraved work in order to celebrate the event.

Engraving is an ancestral art that Michel Ciry has brought to the highest level his whole life as an artist. He even established his reputation in the early 1940s through this noble and demanding discipline.

Michel Ciry, printmaker, is the last temporary exhibition of the 2022 season.
It will be held at the Espace Créations of the Michel Ciry Museum from September 10, 2022 to November 6, 2022 inclusive with a whole series of animations around the exhibition, an engraving workshop, guided tours, press demonstrations and two concerts by the ensemble « Le concert des planètes ».

The exhibition will feature more than 70 engravings and a few lithographs as well as copperplates never-before-seen by the public, most of them dating back to the 1940s and 1950s.

Aurélie Nourry
Michel Ciry Museum Director

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