Exhibition from A to Z, The Palau Antiguitats gallery

Exhibition from A to Z, The Palau Antiguitats gallery

Exhibition from A to Z. Until November 30, 2023

The Alphabet has revolutionized our society, our culture and the way we understand the world around us. The invention of the Phoenician alphabet simplified the thousands of characters in pictographic writing down to around twenty, each representing a consonant sound.Scribes, calligraphers, artists, designers and typographers deserve our admiration, for their meticulous, detailed work on design and shapes in search of perfection and balance.Exhibition from A to Z. The letter as a means of expression, exploring the history of the alphabet and its different uses, not only utilitarian but also aesthetic and imaginative.


The five orders of PERRIWIGS. Londres, 17613/3 state, last quarter print run XVIIIème siècleEtching on laid paper..Paper: 375 x 265 mmPlate: 300 x 215 mm

Standing out Visual :


Letra de Pancilla para Libros / Pancilla’s lyrics for Books. Madrid, 1719Burin on laid paper.It is part of the work -Arte nuevo de escribir por principios geométricos, y reglas matemáticas-, 1719Plate: 297 x 195 mmPaper: 297 x 210 mm


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