A catalog raisonné, is currently being prepared. the Johann Naldi gallery

A catalog raisonné, is currently being prepared. the Johann Naldi gallery

Following the publication of the book Incoherent Arts, Discoveries and new perspectives edited under his direction, (Lienart Publishing house, 2022)*, Johann Naldi, independent art expert, a SLAM and CSEDT member announces the preparation of a Catalog raisonné of unpublished and recovered works of Incoherent Arts.

Between 1882 and 1893, approximately one thousand works were created and exhibited by the group of Incoherent artists.To date, only about thirty of them have been identified with certainty, including the first monochrome in the history of Art, classified as a National Treasure in May 2021 by the Ministry of Culture), constituting the only witnesses of this major artistic movement prefiguring the avant-gardes of the 20th century.

In the absence of material works to examine, research into the Incoherent Arts was until very recently reduced to ‘bookish’, purely documentary knowledge.

Although fundamental, this archival research must be completed today by the study and in-depth expertise of the works themselves, the only tangible supports allowing to identify the various artistic stakes of a movement wrongly reduced to its only literary part.

Drawing on an in-depth knowledge of the Incoherent Arts movement and a solid expertise in the field of 19th century painting, graphic arts and sculpture,, Johann Naldi intend doing a research methodology based on the careful examination of works, the analysis and exhaustive description of the materials used, the presentation of scientific reports drawn up by renowned laboratories and a meticulous search of the available period documentation.

Johann Naldi asks and thanks any person or institution that may have works related to Incoherent Arts to contact him.

Caption :
Alphonse Allais (1854-1905)
Pimps still in their prime of life, lying face down in the grass drinking absinthe.
Carriage curtain
Veneer cylinder decorated with green moiré
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* Book : Incoherent Arts.. Discoveries and new perspectives
22 x 27 cm, 232 pages, 235 illustrations, laminated cardboard, selective varnish
35 € – ISBN : 978-2-35906-366-0
Also available in English : 978-2-35906-368-4