The Custodia Foundation, Frits Lugt Collection

The Custodia Foundation is considered as one of the most prominent and private collection of old drawings, prints, artist letters, held in private hands.
Established in the Hotel Turgot, a private mansion of the 18th, a few steps from the National Assembly in Paris, the Custodia Foundation’s mission is to serve the history of art, in the broadest sense of the term. the foundation houses a restoration workshop and one of the most important libraries of art history in France.
Its curators are constantly studying the collection, supplemented by new donations and acquisitions.
The foundation lends its artworks for exhibitions in France and abroad. It is the privileged place where curators and researchers can share their enthusiasm and knowledge about Artworks.
In the hotel Lévis – Mirepoix, adjacent to the hotel Turgot, the Custodia foundation presents several times a year, remarkable exhibitions that, by turns, highlight the richness of its collection or of internationally – renowned  institutions.

Contact details

121 rue de Lille
75007 Paris