Musée Départemental breton

Created in 1846 by the Société archéologique du Finistère, the Breton Departmental Museum of Quimper is located in the old palace of the Bishops of Cornwall, close to Saint-Corentin Cathedral. Le Musée départemental breton placed printing as a major axis on enriching collections policy. These, in this field – centred on the Breton themed print –  shall cover the period from the 18th century (the Ozanne brothers) and continuing until contemporary artists creation, working in Brittany or inspired by it.

A major part of the funding is dedicated to artists of the 19th and the 20th century (with for instance, important ensembles of artworks by Henri Rivière,Henri Rivière, Mathurin Méheut, Adolphe Beaufrère, André Dauchez, Bernard Buffet…).Several museum exhibitions have been devoted to the history of engraving. Popular Imagery in Brittany, Henri Rivière, Japan-Paris-Brittany, Nature of engravers… ) and print is commonly ongoing in exhibitions devoted to more general subjects.

Nowadays, the Museum is considered as the collection- holding institution in Brittany.



1, rue du Roi Gradlon
29000 Quimper