Newsletter CSEDT # 14

Summer 2021

In the siprit of miscellanies, discover information about the CSEDT in newsletters: novelties, exhibitions, fairs, catalogs. But also news primarily related to prints and drawings.

Created in 1919, the CSEDT - Chambre Syndicale de l'Estampe, du Dessin et du Tableau - is a professional union that brings together galleries and experts specialized in the field of the ancient, modern and contemporary prints.


Exhibition, The Arenthon Gallery

exhibition until july 24, 2021

Despite the weather, summer is here!

We miss the sun, so to bring some light in your everyday life, the Arenthon Gallery offers you a summer hanging art.

Find the radiant prints of modern artists like Marc Chagall, Bernard Cathelin or Jean Lurçat. You can order directly from the gallery's website and we deliver anywhere in the world, choose to …

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Exhibition, The Arenthon Gallery

Michel Szulc-Krzyzanowski exhibition, The baudoin lebon gallery

Michel Szulc-Krzyzanowski exhibition, The baudoin lebon gallery
exhibition until july 31, 2021

the Baudoin Lebon summer exhibition is pleased to present the conceptual work of the Dutch artist Michel Szulc-Krzyzanowski. The artist is part of a true process of interiority and freedom, and has lived for several years a nomadic life in Mexico. We will be presenting the series "Sequences » carried out on desert beaches in Baja …

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Exhibition"A fresh wind, The Nathalie Béreau gallery

From june 18, 2021 to september 19, 2021

To celebrate the tenth anniversary of the Pierre and Bertrand Couly's wine storehouse official opening, the Nathalie Béreau gallery in charge of the exhibitions program wished to share once again the pictorial work of the artist Coco Téxèdre, with the exhibition "A fresh wind". The exhibition presents two complementary facets of the artist …

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Exhibition "A fresh wind", The Nathalie Béreau gallery

News, The Michelle Champetier gallery

News, The Michelle Champetier gallery
Michelle Champetier chose to practice her activity as a gallery owner in Cannes and by appointment only. Along with her team, she invites you to visit her gallery through her website.
The site is intented to serve print lovers, as Michelle Champetier is a specialist in engraving.
Every 5 weeks or so, the updated site features over 200 new works. …

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Grosvenor Prints, catalogue n°109

Grosvenor Prints have the pleasure in sending out our new Catalogue 109 - a mixture of portraits, topography both Foreign and UK, Sports and Pastimes such as fishing and cricket, Americana, satire including Gillray, maps and some Napoleon.

Cover image: Jacob Bates. The Famous English Horse Rider. Der berhumte Englishe Berieter Jacob Bates. Jeaque Bates Fameux Piquer anglois. …

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Grosvenor Prints, catalogue n°109

Latest catalog, The Martinez D. gallery

Latest catalog, The Martinez D. gallery
The gallery invites you to discover its new catalog of ancient and modern prints: Catalogue XXXI

James ROSENQUIST Grand Forks (USA) …

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The Paul Prouté gallery, new catalog

A little-known painter, Norbert Goeneutte (1854-1894) was an active and renowned engraver.

The Paul Prouté gallery is pleased to present in its latest catalog a selection of prints by the artist that pays tribute to his great mastery of engraving and offers us some insight into the last years of the 19th century.

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The Paul Prouté gallery, new catalog


The school of gaze

3 Caravage
Michelangelo Merisi, known as Caravaggio
Boy Bitten By a Lizard
Circa 1597
Oil on canvas, 65,8 x 52,3 cm
Florence, Fondazione di Studi di Storia dell'Arte Roberto Longhi

Catalog :the school of gaze / L’École du regard. Caravaggio and the caravaggesque painters from the Roberto Longhi's collection, 2021, Venice, Marsilio Editori, 128 pages, texts by Maria Cristina Bandera and Mina Gregori.

4 Longhi


In partnership with the Roberto Longhi foundation.

Eminent art historian, Roberto Longhi (1890-1970) has devoted most of his studies to Caravaggio and to artists who have assimilated his lesson. (...)
In parallel with his research, Roberto Longhi from the 1920s onwards, assembled a collection dedicated innately and essentially to the Caravaggesque painters, a real school of gaze declining in some fifty paintings the formulas initiated by Caravaggio.

Inspired by Boy Bitten By a Lizard, painting executed by Caravaggio at the beginning of his roman period (circa 1596-1597), acquired around 1928, Longhi produced a drawing showing his skill and a marked talent for visual acuity.

For the first time ever, the exhibition presented in Caen has brought together some twenty drawings by the collector as a prelude to the fifty or so Caravaggio's works from the Roberto Longhi's Florentine house, the Villa Il Tasso, headquarters of the foundation bearing his name.

Roberto Longhi after Caravaggio
Boy Bitten By a Lizard
Charcoal on paper, 62,3 x 47,5 cm
Florence, Fondazione di Studi di Storia dell'Arte Roberto Longhi

Musée des Beaux-arts Caen

Musée du dessin et de l'estampe originale

May 17, 2021 - november 21, 2021
"Contacts photographie-gravure"
Salle de la Poudrière et salle du Pilier

At a time when digital printmaking is being developed, we might ask, since when has printmaking been exploring the field of photography?

Nowadays, we find puzzling some of the printed images produced by the great pioneers of photography, using heliogravure, phototypesetting or other photomechanical processes.

In what way are these printed images original creations?

The exhibition takes stock of the relationship between printmaking and photography.
Introduced by optical games and pre-photographic prints, it evokes the upheaval caused by the arrival of photography in the world of reproducible images, revealing a little-known part of art history.

Unidentified author, Vue d'optique / optical view, Untitled, circa 1770, reverse heightened and pierced burin proof, on laid paper. Day and night effects of an illuminated optical view, unlit day view and lit view on the reverse.
Private collection

Musée de Gravelines
BAUDELAIRE photoglyptie 1878 11
Etienne Carjat, caricaturist, photographer, poet (1828-1906), Portrait of Charles Baudelaire, 1862, taken from the contemporary Gallery, Baschet publishing house, Paris, 1878, photoglyptic proof.
003 - vue d'optique ajourée
Catalogue by Nicolas Devigne Virginie Caudron
176 pages Price : 25 €
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