Achetez de l’art

Achetez de l ‘art  aims to improve people’s daily lives by encouraging them to buy art piece and art objects, because living surrounded by art means a better life.

Achetez de l’art is :

*A large online community (over 100k people) and several partners

* A reference for primary acquirers and collectors

The guide #Achetezdelart ,1st of this kind, accompanies the art lover and the collector before, during and after the  purchase has been made : Where to buy art, how to buy, what kind of artwork to buy, how to start and how to develop a collection ?

Achetez de l’art answers these questions through articles written by specialists (gallerists, experts, lawyers, collectors), while giving the floor to other purchasers who can give their opinion and share their buying (or selling) experience online,  in a gallery and at auction, in the guide.

  • Guiding art market players

Achetez de l’Art and its team – Composed of specialists in online communication, both technicians, communicators, fine connoisseurs of art history and art market and above all, art lovers and collectors – offer effective services to sustainably increase the art market visibility of professionals and to improve their social media presence, with one objective: change

  • A collectors’ club

The Achetez de l’Art ‘Club, launched in October 2018, offers its members the opportunity to immerse themselves in the heart of art market, initiating regular meetings with market participants, by providing them with many advantages.