Newsletter CSEDT # 4

May 2020

Created in 1919, the CSEDT - Chambre Syndicale de l'Estampe, du Dessin et du Tableau - is a professional union that brings together galleries and experts specialized in the field of the ancient, modern and contemporary prints.
In the siprit of miscellanies, discover information about the CSEDT in newsletters: novelties, exhibitions, faits, catalogs. But also news primarily related to prints and drawings.

Galleries of CSEDT ...

The member galleries of the CSEDT are happy to open their doors once again to art lovers and collectors, and to do so in compliance with sanitary measures of public reception in the best possible conditions.
Hydroalcoholic gel, masks, recommended distances, barrier gestures ...

The galleries respect best pratices to allow you a pleasant visit and shopping in all serenity.

Latest catalogue, n°99, Grosvenor Prints

Catalogue 99, april 2020, Grosvenor Prints

Grosvenor Prints presents Catalogue 99! A new stock listing of over 300 items, including a selection of Ephemera, Decorative, UK & Foreign Topography, Natural History and 17th & 18th century portraits.

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New catalog, Sarah Sauvin Gallery

Publication of the Gallery catalog - COLLECTED - at the time of the London Original Print Fair and IFPDA Fine Art Print Fair in May. Ready to be downloaded and read on the website …

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New catalog, Sarah Sauvin Gallery

LOPF Online, London - London Original Print Fair Online

LOPF Online, London - London Original Print Fair Online
Due to current events related to Coronavirus (Covid-19) outbreak, the London Original Print Fair cannot take place. However, the organisers have decided to respond to virus with an online viewing Salon. Starting from 1 May 2020 and during the whole month, the presentation of involved galleries can therefore be discovered. The CSEDT participating galleries announced :
- Documents 15
- Martinez D
- Sarah Sauvin


A common Event

The Christian Collin, Xavier Seydoux and Martinez D. Galleries will present their latest acquisitions on Tuesday, June 2nd 2020 :

- Christian Collin Gallery at 12:15 pm
- Xavier Seydoux Gallery at 3:00 pm
- Martinez .D Gallery at 4:00 pm

Christian Collin Gallery

visual : Charles JACQUE, Herd of cows, etching, roulette tool and drypoint, 1878

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Latest acquisitions, Christian Collin Gallery
Latest acquisitions, Xavier Seydoux Gallery

Xavier Seydoux Gallery

visual : Félix Vallotton (1865 + 1925) L'Emotion, 1898 Original wood engraving

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Martinez D. Gallery

The Martinez. D gallery will present its latest acquisitions in its new gallery located rue de l'Echaudé.

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Latest acquisitions, Martinez D. Gallery

Raphael in Chantilly. The master and his students


As the exhibition is temporarily inaccessible due to the Covid-19, enjoy an exclusive visit with Mathieu Deldicque, Heritage Curator at the Condé Museum and curator of the exhibition, thanks to Le Scribe Accroupi / the squatting scribe blog !

Exhibition extended until the end of August 2020

Curator : Mathieu Deldicque, heritage curator at the Condé Museum, assisted by Novella Franco.

Domaine de Chantilly visite virtuelle de l'exposition

Jean Dubuffet, the imprint taker

Jean Dubuffet à Vence - 1959 - presse lithographique - Photo John Craven © Archives Fondation Dubuffet
The Center of la Gravure et de l'Image imprimée, La Louvière , Belgium

Opening of the Museum on Tuesday, June 2nd 2020 !
For those who will have the opportunity to be around !
Exhibition extended until the end of the year 2020

This exhibition has been realised with the help of the DUBUFFET FONDATION.

The exhibition Jean Dubuffet, le Preneur d'empreintes (Jean Dubuffet, the Imprint Taker) represents an exceptional plunge into lithographic experiments carried out by Jean Dubuffet [1901-1985].

An elusive and polemical artist, Jean Dubuffet (1901-1985) was a major player on art scene in the second half of the 20th century. Fascinated by paper, ink and printing, engraving remains deeply linked to his painted work. The Jean Dubuffet exhibition,"The imprint taker" offers an exceptional insight into the artist's lithographic experiments.

The exhibition unfolds in two stages. The Phenomena series, a veritable atlas of the world's natural phenomena, forms the core of the exhibition. It comprises 324 lithographs produced between 1958 and 1962. Each plate celebrates an aspect of the natural world, reinforced by the poetic titles Dubuffet gave them.

The second section reveals research that preceded and announced this unique cycle in the 20th century printmaking history. From the series of Walls in 1945 to collations of Prints in 1953, the artist's creative process culminated in the delightful hat figures of 1962 derived from the "Phenomena"!

Jean Dubuffet

visuals :
- Jean Dubuffet in Vence - 1959 - lithographic press - Photo John Craven © Archives Dubuffet Fondation
- Nez carotte/ Carrot Nose 1962, 4-colour lithograph by assembly transfers, Coll Fondation Dubuffet, Paris©ADAGP-Paris/SABAM-belgium2020

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